The Law Society has encouraged the insurance industry to support a composite proposal form for the 2012 renewal. We are not yet accepting this and would therefore require you to visit our website and fill out the correct proposal form in accordance to the size of your firm.

1. How do I get a quotation for Professional Indemnity cover?

You will need to click ‘Click here to get your quotation’ at the top of this page. This will lead you into the proposal process which you will need to complete in full. It will allow you to access the system directly. As we are working alongside three market leading brokers, when completed, the proposal form will automatically be allocated to Marsh, Lockton or Willis, all dependant on the size of your firm. They will deal separately with the relevant data capture and input of this form. Our Brokers will then submit this to us for a quotation. Any quotation we provide will be communicated via our Brokers to your firm. If you have any queries, please contact our Brokers (contact details can be found at the end of this document).

2. Do I have to complete the proposal immediately or can I do it in stages?

The system has been designed to enable you to deal with one page of the proposal form at a time.  You have the ability to save each page of the proposal form once completed.  When you login again you will be able to access your saved information.

3. What information will I need to include?

Prior to commencing completion of the proposal form you should have available in front of you the following documentation and/or information:

• The roll numbers of all partners and solicitor qualified staff.

• Your firms SRA registration number.

• Full details of your last 5 years claims history.  This will need to be provided by any current or previous insurers.  If you have not already done so, you will need to contact these insurers and ask them to provide you with this information.  If you previously had a broker, you could also ask your broker to obtain this information for you. It is important that this information is up-to-date. We will not accept old claims data. You will need to submit these claims prints to us either by uploading via the proposal form or by post prior to any terms being released.

• Details of your gross fee income actual for the last three years and estimated for the current year if no actual figures are available.

4. Do you provide cover for new start up firms or for firms with less than 2 years history?

We will not be providing cover for a start-up firm or firms with less than two years history.

5. How do I include any information I provide as an online attachment to the proposal form?

At the relevant sections of the Proposal form you will be prompted to attach by upload any key documents and/or information.  To enable you to do this, these documents you intend to upload should be in an electronic format either having been scanned or made available through your business file directory.  The upload function will allow you to attach this information to the proposal.

6. When I have completed the online proposal what happens next?

The underwriting process commences.  Your proposal form will pass through a sophisticated actuarially tested model that will produce a unique rating profile of your firm and its business.  This rating profile will then be reviewed by the underwriters.  A credit check will also be made on all partners and the firm.  Once all the underwriting information including the credit check has been processed, a response will be provided to you as to whether or not a quotation is to be provided.

7. Can my broker deal with this for me?

Yes. We have entered into a business venture with Marsh, Willis and Lockton, all leading insurance brokers, to provide a dedicated service to firms of One to Five partners only. Our business model has been built specifically to provide a direct internet/online capability. This allows for intermediaries and/or brokers to have an instant access. For this reason, there will be a facility for your broker to gain online access to your proposal form or any of the information about you and your firm and obtain a quotation.

8. What do I do if I have a question about any aspect of the proposal form?

We will have available to you a helpline on telephone 0207 871 6868 open between 8am and 5pm each working day.  In addition, we have a 24 hour call centre facility on the same number as above that will relay messages to us in the event that you have not been able to contact us but require assistance.  You also have the facility to make an online enquiry through the internet page under ‘Contact Us’.  We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

9. If I need my broker to assist me to complete the proposal form, how do I do this?

Please refer to item 6 above.  In the event that you do need your broker to assist you, then any arrangement you come to with your broker is a matter between you and your broker.  It is important to remember that the information on the proposal form needs to be accurately recorded and you will be required to sign a declaration at the end of the proposal form as to its accuracy.  This responsibility cannot be passed onto your broker under any circumstances whatsoever.

10. When can I expect to receive a reply to the proposal or receive a quotation?

You should expect to hear back from us within a week of entering your proposal onto the system.  You may also receive at any stage during the process a letter from us, if for any reason it is determined that we are unable to provide a quotation to your firm.

11. Do you restrict any type or category of work?

No, we do not restrict any type or category of work.  Any quotation is based upon your firm’s unique rating profile which will take into account a number of underwriting features including high and low risk work as well as past claims experience etc.

12. How much cover will you provide?

We provide as a basic the minimum required of £2m indemnity cover for firms and of £3m for recognised bodies.  In addition we can provide cover to a maximum of £5m indemnity.

13. Why are you targeting only 1-5 partners?

The 1-5 partner market is the largest sub-group of solicitor firms comprising some 85% of all solicitor firms.  There are many firms in this category that operate good business models which would benefit through our involvement.  In addition, the design of the internet based model has been designed for the smaller practices to provide greater cost efficiencies and for developing your firm’s unique rating profile.

14. What if my practice has more than 5 partners?

Our system has not been designed to cater for more than 5 partners and therefore we will not accept any requests to provide a quotation for firms with more than 5 partners.

15. Can I have a hard copy of the proposal form?

We will not be making available blank paper copies of the proposal form.  You will be able to view your proposal form online at any stage by logging onto our website. We will email a copy of the proposal form to you if we provide a quotation as you will need to sign and return it together with the premium prior to 1st October.

16. What happens if you decide not to provide a quotation?

We will notify you as soon as possible and at any stage during the underwriting process if a decision is taken not to provide you with a quotation.

17. Why do I need to have a secure login facility?

The information that we hold about you and your firm is confidential to you and we respect that.  We will not provide nor disclose any information relating to your login facility which is unique to your firm only.

18. Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, the data we hold about your firm and its principals are held in a safe and secure environment.  Your information will never be disclosed to anyone outside the process, other than insurance carriers, credit checking companies, third-party claims adjusters  solicitor panel firms, fraud detection and prevention services, reinsurance companies and insurance regulatory authorities

19. What would my cost of run-off cover be in the event that my practice ceases?

The cost of run-off is currently quoted at 300% of the last annual premium.  This cost is subject to review from time to time.  When you decide to cease your practice you will need to contact us directly and we will then provide you with an appropriate quotation for your run-off cover.

20. Can you give me an indication of the premium?

No, we are unable to give you an indication of the premium payable until you receive a quotation from us.  Your premium will be based upon your firm’s unique rating profile and the full underwriting assessment of the proposal and its evaluation.

21. Can we accept a proposal form from another insurer/broker?

No.  The reason for this is that our online proposal is linked to our underwriting and actuarial model that provides your unique rating profile.  The only proposal form we will accept is that contacted on our website www.lpinsure.co.uk.


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